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Why is an Environmentally Friendly Company Said to be the Best Company?

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Now, there are many large companies engaged in different business fields. Of the many companies, there are only a few that can be said to be the best companies and these companies are environmentally friendly companies like Korindo. This company can be said to be the best because all the products it produces are environmentally friendly products that are beneficial to society but do not damage the environment.

Positive Impact of Companies Implementing an Environmentally Friendly Culture

Currently, an environmentally friendly program has been launched for companies that are already established. Companies must be able to implement a culture like this because many companies have damaged the environment so it is hoped that every company will no longer do this.

For a company it is rather difficult to be able to apply this culture and instruct all employees to carry out environmentally friendly behaviors, but if you can do this, you will feel many positive impacts from implementing this culture. The positive impact that can be felt later after being able to make an environmentally friendly company is as follows.

  • Employees Be Healthy

The first positive impact is that office employees become healthier in body condition, this is because the office environment is cleaner and also the air is cleaner so that employees do not suffer from diseases caused by a dirty environment. If the office environment is still dirty there will be lots of germs, viruses and bacteria that can cause deadly diseases.

Besides that, unclean air can also cause health problems such as flu or allergies, but that cannot happen if the office environment is friendly and healthy. If the company wants its employees to stay healthy and be able to keep working, then keep the office environment friendly to the environment.

  • Employee Productivity Has Increased

Another impact that can be felt later is that employee productivity has increased so not only will employees become healthier but productivity will also increase. This increase in productivity is due to the healthy condition of employees so that they can work well and can do the work given by superiors in accordance with the allotted time.

If productivity has increased like that, it will definitely benefit the company because by achieving the targets set by the company, automatically the amount of profit that the company can achieve will continue to increase. So it can be concluded that a successful company is an environmentally friendly company.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

The next positive impact is that the company’s operational costs are reduced. These operational costs can be reduced like that because an environmentally friendly culture requires a company to be able to save on electricity usage and also the use of other natural resources. The use of electricity can be reduced because companies do not always rely on lights to illuminate the office.

If it is still daytime and there is sunlight, usually environmentally friendly companies will choose to open windows or open curtains so that sunlight can enter the room. With the presence of sunlight, of course there is no need for lights anymore because the room is already bright, so the use of electricity is no longer excessive, as applied to the Korindo Group News Company.

  • Producing New Products

Another impact that can be felt is that companies can produce new products from implementing this one culture. An environmentally friendly culture indeed requires every party in the company to recycle objects that are no longer used in the company. For example paper and cardboard.

Such waste can be used to make other useful products, for example cardboard that is no longer used can be used to store office stationery. Food waste can be used to make organic fertilizer which is harmless to plants.

  • Preventing Massive Tree Cutting

The next impact is that it can prevent the logging of trees in large numbers, this can be prevented because the company has launched a paperless program, aka not using paper too often. Paper is actually one of the things that is needed by a company because to print important documents you have to use paper.

Watch out, now the use of paper is actually not really needed because there are many alternative storage places that can be used by companies. So document files that have been created don’t have to be printed but can be stored in virtual storage space or on computers and laptops so that paper usage can be reduced

  • Office Environment to Be Clean

The next impact is that the office environment becomes cleaner, as previously mentioned, the application of this culture can make the office look cleaner. This is because in the office there are trash cans that are differentiated according to the type of waste and employees are required to dispose of trash in its place.

Garbage in the office must also be put in the trash according to the type of waste, for example food waste must be disposed of in the organic waste bin and plastic waste can be put in the inorganic waste bin. By regularly and orderly disposing of trash like that, it is no longer possible for the office environment to be polluted.

  • Employees Become Disciplined

The last impact is that employees become more disciplined, employees can be like that because the company requires them to comply with all regulations made by the company so that the office atmosphere becomes environmentally friendly. One example of a rule that must be obeyed is that employees are no longer allowed to litter or pile up trash on their desks.

All waste must be disposed of in the place provided, if an employee violates such rules, the company will usually give light sanctions. Another rule is not to use too much packaging or products that are not environmentally friendly.

Examples of Environmentally Friendly Behavior in Companies

There are lots of examples of behavior that reflects an environmentally friendly culture that can be done in the office area. The first example is what is replacing incandescent lamps with LED lamps which use much less electricity. In addition, take advantage of sunlight instead of light during the day.

Another example is employees bringing their own places to eat or their own drinking places so that later they will no longer use the places to eat provided by the canteen or drink from bottles. By using your own cutlery, you can definitely reduce the use of plastic which can cause the environment to be polluted because plastic is not biodegradable waste.

The last example is using products that are Eco Friendly or environmentally friendly, such as products produced by Korindo companies. The products made or produced by this company are products that are safe to use and will not affect environmental conditions so that people are advised to use products from this company compared to other products.