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What Can We Learn From Indonesia’s Top Companies?

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Indonesia is a country that has many companies engaged in various fields, which aim to meet the needs of the community. Both BUMN companies (State Owned Enterprises) or BUMS (Private Owned Enterprises).

Companies that have the best performance can of course add to the value of revenue and net profit with a fantastic total. The profit obtained is no joke, it can reach trillions of rupiah.

With this income, the company is very prosperous for its employees through high income and supporting facilities.

List of Top Indonesian Companies

Curious what companies are included in the top ranks in Indonesia? Let’s look at the following list.

  1. PT. Pertamina

Who doesn’t know Pertamina? Even every day you use the product, either in the form of fuel or gas. Pertamina is a company that has existed since 1957, where this company is engaged in oil production, exploration and gas.

Pertamina has a vision to become a world-class national energy company. Meanwhile, its mission is to run an oil, gas or new or renewable energy business through integration according to commercial principles.

Pertamina, as the largest state-owned company, managed to reap sales of up to 826.3 trillion rupiah. Meanwhile, the profit he earned was IDR 35.9 trillion in 2018.

  1. BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia)

BRI is a state-owned company that was founded in 1896. Where this bank specializes in small-scale and microfinance financing through credit or loans. Even his clients have reached 30 million retail owned by BRI.

In 2018, BRI managed to achieve revenue of IDR 808.9 trillion with a net profit of IDR 32.4 trillion. While in 2019 there was an increase in net profit to 34.4 trillion rupiah.

  1. BCA (Bank Central Asia)

BCA is the largest BUMS or privately owned company in Indonesia. This bank has been around since 1957 which is part of the Salim Group company. Currently, BCA is owned by the largest tobacco company Djarum.

BCA is a bank that has a variety of financial products that are constantly innovating. Even its loyal customers have been very numerous over the years because of its good reputation.

In 2018 BCA earned a profit of IDR 679.8 trillion with a net profit of IDR 25.9 trillion. Then in 2019 it managed to experience an increase in net profit to 28.6 trillion rupiah.

  1. Astra International

PT Astra International is a private company called a multinational conglomerate. Astra itself has been around since 1957 which originally had the name PT Astra International Incorporated.

This company is a company engaged in the automotive sector and is the largest company in Southeast Asia. In addition, Astra has also expanded its business into various sectors such as industry, trading, mining services, transportation, consulting services and agriculture.

Astra managed to get sales of IDR 239.21 trillion with a net profit of IDR 21.67 trillion in 2018 and 2019.

Things You Can Learn from Indonesia’s Top Companies

Some of the things you can learn from these top Indonesian companies can be a reference for starting a business.

1. Business Capabilities

Currently, business is the main target for many millennials today. They even started to open their business in accordance with the field of business they are interested in.

For those of you who are just going into business, you should be able to determine the type of business sector and the amount of capital to be issued as well as the target market. Also consider the location of the sale. These basic things can be an important foundation when opening a business.

2. Following the Development of the Age

If you still follow conventional methods, of course you will be far behind competitors who are one step ahead.

In the past, in doing business, it was certain that everything had a form or physical form, but now many have started to switch to the digital world.

You can learn how competition patterns are in the industrial world today, for example, marketplaces and various things related to the digital world have started to emerge. Even companies that sell physical forms are also innovating in the digital world.

You should not close your eyes to technological advances and the times, you must stay updated with this knowledge. Especially now that there is social media that makes it easier for you to market your products and advertisements.

3. Choose the Right Type of Business

Before you start a business, you should understand what type of business you are going to build. Determine your interests first, then follow various training programs, workshops, seminars or special classes about the business.

The various things that you learn can become provisions when opening a business. Because, you must be able to compete with competitors and the global industry to present quality products.

It is better to choose a type of business that has passed a SWOT Analysis in order to understand for sure whether the business is feasible or not for development. Also choose what suits your passion so that running it is easier.

4. Creative Innovation

Having intelligence and sufficient capital is not a guarantee that your business will run smoothly. Because, you must have creative thinking that is out of the box. Don’t be lazy in finding out about emerging trends and skyrocketing competitors. You also have to be open-minded and willing to accept criticism and suggestions so that the business can move forward.

That’s an explanation of the things you can learn from top Indonesian companies so that your business can grow, not just achieve targets.