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How Can Companies Change the World for the Better?

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Change, of course, always occurs in various contexts of life. There are also many changes in the world that lead to good or bad.

The progress of time is also one form of change that can have positive and negative impacts. In fact, these changes can be felt significantly because of the large scale.

One of the contributors to this progress is the large-scale companies that act as movers. They can make an impact on the world.

This is also not achieved easily, because they have gone through metamorphosis and adaptation to change to get to what it is today. They go hand in hand with the advancement of technology that the world needs.

Innovations are always presented to change the world globally. Then the problem is how these innovations can be accepted by the majority of society.

Furthermore, some of these big companies are actually very close to your daily life. In fact, you are one of the users of the company’s products. You can also feel significant changes, especially for millennials who have grown up with the paradigm shift.

Companies that can Change the World for the Better

Curious what companies have succeeded in making changes to the world? Let’s look at the following explanation.

  1. Meta or Facebook

It should be recognized that Facebook is a platform that has succeeded in changing the way people communicate around the world. Initially, Facebook was a small project that only aimed to facilitate the communication process on campus. Then it developed into a giant company that is known throughout the world, this can be seen from its users which reach more than 900 million.

The initial concept of Facebook was initiated by Mark Zuckerberg and implemented at Harvard to make it easier for the community to interact. Then he realized that the idea was worth it, because the world needed it.

The future of Facebook itself has penetrated many things, from currency ownership to agents for money transfers. But what the world has been waiting for the most is the metaverse, so it’s no wonder that the Facebook company changed its name to Meta.

This company is the center of inspiration from various other social media platforms that have sprung up since then. Many even consider it as the birth of the modern era of social media.

  1. Google

Google succeeded in changing the world to make it easier to get various information online. Even Google searches per second can reach more than 99 thousand. Even Google is now growing further, not just a search engine.

Such developments include Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Weather, Google Images, Google Lens, Google Earth and others which have also changed the paradigm of world community life.

Google has also supported various industries in various fields, for example industries engaged in the transportation sector because of the ease of navigation it makes.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the companies that has succeeded in changing the paradigm of people’s lives. At first, Netflix was just a platform for renting DVDs by mail.

The presence of Netflix makes it easier for people to watch series and movies comfortably and at will, so it is called Netflix and Chill.

Even though after that many companies started to engage in streaming, Netflix still has a large market.

  1. YouTube

YouTube has changed how a person expresses himself through entertainment, education, music, politics and others. In fact, many artists and other famous people have joined in it.

Until now, perhaps YouTube’s position has not been replaced by various other video-based websites. Through the YouTube algorithm, this company has perfected recommendations for its users.

The changes aren’t limited to that, but YouTube is also providing a source of livelihood for many people who enjoy creating content. It’s become a new avenue for self-expression but also a source of income. Even YouTubers are now considered a career.

  1. Microsoft

The Microsoft company has changed the way people use computers and think. Microsoft is the company with the most significant share of operating systems and computer software.

Even its owner, Bill Gates, had occupied the richest man in the world for quite a long time, until he was displaced in 2017 by Jeff Bezos.

Microsoft’s dominance has penetrated into various software that runs on electronic devices. Even the existence of Microsoft Office has also changed the world of offices in data input.

Not only that, he also has professional social media, namely LinkedIn and video game company Xbox.

  1. Tesla

Tesla is a major company in the automotive world that changes the world to be easier through electric cars and autopilot. We may once have thought that self-driving cars were fiction, but Tesla has made it happen.

Even though its presence has not been accepted globally, they have conducted trials that autopilot mode cars are safe to use.

Even Tesla helps solve global problems regarding the pollution that fuel cars bring.

Those are some big companies that have succeeded in changing the world for the better. Some of them are certainly very close to your daily life.