Working at International Green Company, Korindo Group


A international corporation, Korindo Group is active in a number of sectors, including forestry, paper and packaging, and energy. The business operates in a number of nations around Asia and the Pacific from its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. Korindo is renowned for its dedication to sustainable business methods and CSR.

Korindo’s corporate culture is centered on collaboration, creativity, and quality. To continually enhance business operations and spur expansion, employees are urged to work together and exchange ideas. Additionally, Korindo places a high priority on staff development, providing them with possibilities for training and career promotion.

The chance to be a part of a worldwide company is one of the benefits of working with Korindo. Due to the company’s operations in multiple nations, employees have the opportunity to work on worldwide projects and become familiar with various cultures and business processes.

Korindo is a great location to work if you’re interested in a career in sustainability. The business has long been committed to environmental sustainability, and it has taken a number of steps to lessen its carbon footprint and safeguard natural resources. In addition, Korindo belongs to a number of professional associations, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which supports ethical forestry practices.

The business also places a high priority on corporate social responsibility, and it has programs designed to help local communities and better the lives of people in the areas where it operates. This includes initiatives geared toward economic development, healthcare, and education.

Korindo provides a number of chances for people interested in a career in finance or accounting to obtain experience in these fields. Employees in the company’s well-established finance section have the opportunity to engage on challenging financial reporting and analytical projects.

A competitive benefits package, including health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings plans, is also provided by Korindo. The organization also supports a healthy work-life balance with flexible working hours and the chance to occasionally work remotely.

Korindo cherishes its staff members and appreciates what they do to make the business successful. The business places a high priority on employee engagement and often conducts surveys as well as awards programs to recognize the contributions of its employees. It is encouraged for staff members to offer comments and ideas, and the organization values and considers these inputs when making decisions.

Due to the company’s varied operations, employees have a wide variety of career options and chances for advancement. Korindo has a variety of positions and tasks that are suited to a variety of abilities and interests, from forestry and paper and packaging to energy and finance. Employees have the opportunity to enhance their skill sets and gain expertise across a variety of sectors and jobs.

Korindo has a great commitment to safety, and to safeguard employees’ well-being while working, it offers thorough training and support. Employees are encouraged to report any safety issues, and the organization has established safety rules and processes to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

In addition to putting a priority on safety, Korindo is dedicated to offering a healthy work environment to its employees. To assist the physical and mental wellbeing of its workers, the organization provides wellness programs and services, such as health and wellness classes and access to exercise centers.

To encourage its employees’ professional development, Korindo offers training programs and tuition reimbursement for those who wish to pursue higher education. The business encourages employees to follow their dreams and ambitions and emphasizes lifelong learning.

Additionally, Korindo is dedicated to fostering inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. The organization values diversity in the workforce and actively seeks to foster a welcoming workplace that values and embraces individual differences.

In conclusion, Korindo employment offers staff members a dynamic and exciting job with room for advancement. The business cherishes its employees’ contributions to its success and is dedicated to their personal and professional progress. Consider working for Korindo if you want a rewarding and challenging job.

Korindo Foundation: Empowering Communities and Driving Positive Change


In a world that is facing an array of social, economic, and environmental challenges, the role of corporate social responsibility has never been more important. Korindo Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to driving positive change and empowering communities through its various initiatives and programs. In this article, we will take a closer look at Korindo Foundation, its mission, and its impact on communities around the world.

Korindo Foundation was established in response to the growing need for organizations to take a more active role in addressing the pressing issues facing our world. As a subsidiary of Korindo Group, the foundation leverages the resources, expertise, and network of the company to create meaningful and lasting change. The foundation’s mission is to promote sustainable development, protect the environment, and empower communities through its various programs and initiatives.

One of the key areas of focus for Korindo Foundation is environmental sustainability. Through its environmental initiatives, the foundation works to protect and preserve natural resources, promote sustainable forestry practices, and reduce carbon emissions. The foundation also invests in renewable energy solutions and works to raise awareness about the importance of taking action to protect our planet.

Another important area of focus for Korindo Foundation is community empowerment. The foundation works with communities to develop programs and initiatives that meet their unique needs and help them to thrive. Whether it is providing access to education and healthcare, supporting local businesses, or promoting economic development, Korindo Foundation is dedicated to helping communities reach their full potential.

In addition to its environmental and community empowerment initiatives, Korindo Foundation also focuses on promoting health and wellness. The foundation works with local organizations and healthcare providers to provide access to essential medical services, improve public health, and support research into new treatments and therapies. By investing in health and wellness initiatives, Korindo Foundation is helping to create healthier, happier communities around the world.

The Korindo Foundation’s impact extends far beyond the communities it serves. By promoting sustainable development, protecting the environment, and empowering communities, the foundation is driving positive change on a global scale. Its work has inspired other organizations to follow its lead and take a more active role in creating a better world.

In conclusion, Korindo Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to driving positive change and empowering communities through its various initiatives and programs. From environmental sustainability to community empowerment and health and wellness, the foundation is making a real and lasting impact on the world. By investing in the future and creating opportunities for positive change, Korindo Foundation is helping to build a better and more sustainable world for generations to come.

The Korindo Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving positive change and empowering communities through its initiatives and programs in environmental sustainability, community empowerment, and health and wellness. As a subsidiary of  Korindo Group, the foundation leverages the resources, expertise, and network of the company to promote sustainable development, protect the environment, and provide access to education, healthcare, and essential medical services. Korindo Foundation is making a real and lasting impact on communities around the world and inspiring others to follow its lead in creating a better and more sustainable future.

Bioenergy: A Renewable Energy Source with the Potential to Mitigate Climate Change


Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy that is derived from living organisms or their metabolic by-products. It is a diverse and flexible energy source that can be produced from a variety of feedstocks, including crops, agricultural residues, forestry products, and organic waste materials. Bioenergy has the potential to play a significant role in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change, as it can be used to generate electricity, heat, and transportation fuels.

There are several types of bioenergy, including bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, and biomass. Bioethanol is an alcohol fuel produced from the fermentation of sugar or starch-based feedstocks, such as corn, wheat, and sugarcane. It is commonly blended with gasoline and used as a transportation fuel. Biodiesel is a fuel made from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled cooking grease. It can be used as a standalone fuel or blended with diesel fuel for use in vehicles. Biogas is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic matter. It can be used to generate electricity, heat, or transportation fuels. Biomass is organic matter that can be burned to generate heat, electricity, or transportation fuels. It includes wood, wood residues, and other plant materials.

One of the main advantages of bioenergy is that it is a renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite and will eventually run out, bioenergy can be replenished through the natural process of photosynthesis, in which plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into energy. Bioenergy also has a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels, as the carbon dioxide emitted during the combustion of bioenergy is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the feedstocks during their growth.

However, bioenergy is not without its challenges. One of the main concerns is the potential impact on food security and land use. Some bioenergy feedstocks, such as corn and soybeans, are also used as food crops, and the demand for these crops as bioenergy feedstocks could drive up food prices and contribute to land degradation. In addition, the cultivation of bioenergy feedstocks can have negative impacts on water resources and biodiversity if not managed properly.

To address these concerns, it is important to consider the sustainability of bioenergy production in korindo. This can be achieved through the use of feedstocks that have a low impact on food security and land use, such as agricultural residues and forestry products, and through the implementation of sustainable land management practices.

In conclusion, bioenergy is a promising renewable energy source that has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. However, it is important to consider the sustainability of bioenergy production to ensure that it does not have negative impacts on food security, land use, water resources, and biodiversity.

Why is an Environmentally Friendly Company Said to be the Best Company?


Now, there are many large companies engaged in different business fields. Of the many companies, there are only a few that can be said to be the best companies and these companies are environmentally friendly companies like Korindo. This company can be said to be the best because all the products it produces are environmentally friendly products that are beneficial to society but do not damage the environment.

Positive Impact of Companies Implementing an Environmentally Friendly Culture

Currently, an environmentally friendly program has been launched for companies that are already established. Companies must be able to implement a culture like this because many companies have damaged the environment so it is hoped that every company will no longer do this.

For a company it is rather difficult to be able to apply this culture and instruct all employees to carry out environmentally friendly behaviors, but if you can do this, you will feel many positive impacts from implementing this culture. The positive impact that can be felt later after being able to make an environmentally friendly company is as follows.

  • Employees Be Healthy

The first positive impact is that office employees become healthier in body condition, this is because the office environment is cleaner and also the air is cleaner so that employees do not suffer from diseases caused by a dirty environment. If the office environment is still dirty there will be lots of germs, viruses and bacteria that can cause deadly diseases.

Besides that, unclean air can also cause health problems such as flu or allergies, but that cannot happen if the office environment is friendly and healthy. If the company wants its employees to stay healthy and be able to keep working, then keep the office environment friendly to the environment.

  • Employee Productivity Has Increased

Another impact that can be felt later is that employee productivity has increased so not only will employees become healthier but productivity will also increase. This increase in productivity is due to the healthy condition of employees so that they can work well and can do the work given by superiors in accordance with the allotted time.

If productivity has increased like that, it will definitely benefit the company because by achieving the targets set by the company, automatically the amount of profit that the company can achieve will continue to increase. So it can be concluded that a successful company is an environmentally friendly company.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

The next positive impact is that the company’s operational costs are reduced. These operational costs can be reduced like that because an environmentally friendly culture requires a company to be able to save on electricity usage and also the use of other natural resources. The use of electricity can be reduced because companies do not always rely on lights to illuminate the office.

If it is still daytime and there is sunlight, usually environmentally friendly companies will choose to open windows or open curtains so that sunlight can enter the room. With the presence of sunlight, of course there is no need for lights anymore because the room is already bright, so the use of electricity is no longer excessive, as applied to the Korindo Group News Company.

  • Producing New Products

Another impact that can be felt is that companies can produce new products from implementing this one culture. An environmentally friendly culture indeed requires every party in the company to recycle objects that are no longer used in the company. For example paper and cardboard.

Such waste can be used to make other useful products, for example cardboard that is no longer used can be used to store office stationery. Food waste can be used to make organic fertilizer which is harmless to plants.

  • Preventing Massive Tree Cutting

The next impact is that it can prevent the logging of trees in large numbers, this can be prevented because the company has launched a paperless program, aka not using paper too often. Paper is actually one of the things that is needed by a company because to print important documents you have to use paper.

Watch out, now the use of paper is actually not really needed because there are many alternative storage places that can be used by companies. So document files that have been created don’t have to be printed but can be stored in virtual storage space or on computers and laptops so that paper usage can be reduced

  • Office Environment to Be Clean

The next impact is that the office environment becomes cleaner, as previously mentioned, the application of this culture can make the office look cleaner. This is because in the office there are trash cans that are differentiated according to the type of waste and employees are required to dispose of trash in its place.

Garbage in the office must also be put in the trash according to the type of waste, for example food waste must be disposed of in the organic waste bin and plastic waste can be put in the inorganic waste bin. By regularly and orderly disposing of trash like that, it is no longer possible for the office environment to be polluted.

  • Employees Become Disciplined

The last impact is that employees become more disciplined, employees can be like that because the company requires them to comply with all regulations made by the company so that the office atmosphere becomes environmentally friendly. One example of a rule that must be obeyed is that employees are no longer allowed to litter or pile up trash on their desks.

All waste must be disposed of in the place provided, if an employee violates such rules, the company will usually give light sanctions. Another rule is not to use too much packaging or products that are not environmentally friendly.

Examples of Environmentally Friendly Behavior in Companies

There are lots of examples of behavior that reflects an environmentally friendly culture that can be done in the office area. The first example is what is replacing incandescent lamps with LED lamps which use much less electricity. In addition, take advantage of sunlight instead of light during the day.

Another example is employees bringing their own places to eat or their own drinking places so that later they will no longer use the places to eat provided by the canteen or drink from bottles. By using your own cutlery, you can definitely reduce the use of plastic which can cause the environment to be polluted because plastic is not biodegradable waste.

The last example is using products that are Eco Friendly or environmentally friendly, such as products produced by Korindo companies. The products made or produced by this company are products that are safe to use and will not affect environmental conditions so that people are advised to use products from this company compared to other products.

How to Build a Book Manufacturing Business


Now it’s easier for people to start a business because there are so many business fields to choose from and technology is advanced so starting a business is not as difficult as it used to be.

For people who really want to get involved in the business world, you should choose a business field that does not have a negative impact on the environment, such as the book manufacturing business. This business is known as an environmentally friendly business and also generates a lot of profit.

Important Things When Starting a Book Manufacturing Business

To buy a business is indeed rather difficult especially those who do it have absolutely no knowledge of business. If you are still new to the business world, you are required to study first because later when running a business it is not the same as running a vehicle because there are so many things that need to be considered and also done.

Likewise, if you want to run a book manufacturing business, you need to pay attention to several things before opening this business. So that later this business can run well and business people can benefit from running this business, it is necessary to pay attention to several things which will be explained in full below.

Startup Capital

Business capital must definitely be considered because without this capital it is impossible to be able to open or start a business. For other business sectors, maybe not too much capital is not a problem, but it is different from this business because this business requires that business people must be able to produce their own books so that the amount of capital needed is far more than other business fields.

If a business person doesn’t have a lot of funds to start, they can invite friends or relatives to work together to open this business. So that later you can get colleagues or get a supply of funds, you should make a proposal in advance regarding the prospects and also this business opportunity so that it is easier to get partners or additional capital.

Place of business

After preparing the capital, then you have to prepare a place that is used to produce books and also a place for employees to work. Because this business is considered a large-scale business, the place of business needed must be large or spacious so that later all activities carried out by business people or employees can be carried out properly.

If you really can’t get an office like that or a place like that, you can rent two places at once, the first place can be used as a production site and the second place can be used as an office. The location of the place of business does not need to be strategic because this business does not require the perpetrators to display books, the important thing is to be able to produce books.

Determine the Type of Books to be Produced

If you have got a place of business, don’t forget to prepare all the equipment that will be used to produce books and also prepare the equipment used by employees later. If all the equipment and equipment are in place, then it remains only to decide what type of book you want to print. For now there are many types of books that can be chosen by business people, so all that remains is to adjust them to their needs.

The types of books that will be best-selling in the market are children’s books, novels, motivational books, books of famous figures, comic books and many others. So that later the type of book chosen can then be on the market, the type of book that should be chosen is the type of book that is liked by all circles of society, be it the lower middle class or the upper middle class.

Determining the Target Market and Doing Promotions

After knowing the type of book, the next thing that needs to be done is to determine the target market. For now, the easiest target market to reach is young people. Now many young people are starting to prefer reading books rather than doing other activities to fill their free time.

If the target market is young people, then the most suitable marketing strategy to introduce these products is to use social media and online sites. So business people need to create social media accounts as well as online sites to be a place to market the products they sell.

Tips for Developing a Manufacturing Company

After being able to run this business, what must be done next is to develop this business so that later it can be bigger. So that later this business will continue to run and continue to generate a lot of profit, you should manage your finances properly and correctly. Incorrect financial management is one of the main causes of a company experiencing losses and bankruptcy.

Apart from that, business people also need to carry out production quality control on a regular basis so that later the books produced will still be of the same quality as when they first produced the book. By doing these two things, it is certain that a company will remain strong.

Tips for Choosing a Company for Your Career Continuation


A career that can run for the long term is the dream of many people. Instead of having to move between companies continuously, you should choose a company that can support career development.

But choosing the right company is not easy, not even a few choose the wrong job. Besides being boring because it doesn’t match your passion, your career is stagnant and difficult to develop.

Many people who work actually rely on connections from relatives. Or even because of luck factor can join the company.

This is what causes employees to be forced to work, so that the routine is meaningless. Whereas work is a form of self-actualization and expression.

Tips for Choosing the Right Company for Career

So that you don’t choose the wrong company to support your career, let’s look at tips on choosing a company for the continuation of your career.

  1. Know Your Interests and Characteristics

Have you known yourself? Maybe you think that everyone knows who they are. Even though the reality is not like that, not even a few undergraduates who have just graduated feel sorry for taking college majors.

One of the important things to consider in choosing a profession is to recognize yourself. Then reflect on and hone your skills. Then you choose a company that suits your interests and character.

  1. Adjusting Competence and Capability

Choose a profession according to your competence and abilities. Maybe many people have applied this method in looking for work. So that the number of job seekers of the same competency and ability is certainly large.

You really have to be able to get ahead of your competitors here. Work according to your competence and abilities so you can build a better career for the future. You can also propose innovations for the company.

  1. Choose a Company that Values Employees

Working in a company is not voluntary work. If you only work without reward, of course it’s the same as wasting your life. So when choosing a company where you work, you should also pay attention to the amount of salary offered.

Chasing a salary is not a taboo issue, this actually needs to be done so that the abilities and competencies that have been poured out can get balanced results. The amount of salary can reflect the company’s appreciation for the ability and dedication that you give.

  1. Paying attention to the Company’s Stability

To build a good career in the future, of course you need a solid place. Do not let you choose a company that has the potential to go out of business. So choose a company that is already well established and large.

Good company stability can provide work comfort so that life becomes more comfortable. This company can provide opportunities to develop competencies and careers in the future.

  1. Understand the Company Description

If you have determined the list of companies to choose from, you can choose a more specific career. Find out about job descriptions, educational requirements, training and so on so you can develop a career there.

To further motivate yourself, there is nothing wrong if you find out information about future job prospects and the income that will be generated later.

  1. List of Selected Occupations

If you already have information about the list of companies to go to. You already understand what work will be undertaken later.

You can eliminate jobs that lack interest, potential low pay, and careers with weak prospects for the future. Get rid of the job, or if it doesn’t match your qualifications.

  1. Identify Achieved Goals

Once you have decided which company and career to choose, then identify your short and long term goals. Long-term goals take about 5 years to achieve, while short-term goals take less than 3 years to achieve them.

The goals you have set when you enter the company can help you succeed in choosing a career.

Let’s say you have a long-term goal, for example, to complete further education as a condition for advancing your career path. While short-term goals, you can start looking for quality universities, take part in training, look for certificates and take part in internship programs.

If you are already steady in identifying these goals. Your way forward in improving your career is more measurable and the potential to achieve it is easier.

Do not let you skip this planning, or think about getting a job. If your thinking is still like this, of course your career tends to be stagnant and difficult to develop. It is unfortunate if it is only limited to work but his career does not develop.

Those are some tips that you can do to choose the right company to support your future career. Starting from identifying yourself to setting your career goals in the company.

How Can Companies Change the World for the Better?


Change, of course, always occurs in various contexts of life. There are also many changes in the world that lead to good or bad.

The progress of time is also one form of change that can have positive and negative impacts. In fact, these changes can be felt significantly because of the large scale.

One of the contributors to this progress is the large-scale companies that act as movers. They can make an impact on the world.

This is also not achieved easily, because they have gone through metamorphosis and adaptation to change to get to what it is today. They go hand in hand with the advancement of technology that the world needs.

Innovations are always presented to change the world globally. Then the problem is how these innovations can be accepted by the majority of society.

Furthermore, some of these big companies are actually very close to your daily life. In fact, you are one of the users of the company’s products. You can also feel significant changes, especially for millennials who have grown up with the paradigm shift.

Companies that can Change the World for the Better

Curious what companies have succeeded in making changes to the world? Let’s look at the following explanation.

  1. Meta or Facebook

It should be recognized that Facebook is a platform that has succeeded in changing the way people communicate around the world. Initially, Facebook was a small project that only aimed to facilitate the communication process on campus. Then it developed into a giant company that is known throughout the world, this can be seen from its users which reach more than 900 million.

The initial concept of Facebook was initiated by Mark Zuckerberg and implemented at Harvard to make it easier for the community to interact. Then he realized that the idea was worth it, because the world needed it.

The future of Facebook itself has penetrated many things, from currency ownership to agents for money transfers. But what the world has been waiting for the most is the metaverse, so it’s no wonder that the Facebook company changed its name to Meta.

This company is the center of inspiration from various other social media platforms that have sprung up since then. Many even consider it as the birth of the modern era of social media.

  1. Google

Google succeeded in changing the world to make it easier to get various information online. Even Google searches per second can reach more than 99 thousand. Even Google is now growing further, not just a search engine.

Such developments include Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Weather, Google Images, Google Lens, Google Earth and others which have also changed the paradigm of world community life.

Google has also supported various industries in various fields, for example industries engaged in the transportation sector because of the ease of navigation it makes.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the companies that has succeeded in changing the paradigm of people’s lives. At first, Netflix was just a platform for renting DVDs by mail.

The presence of Netflix makes it easier for people to watch series and movies comfortably and at will, so it is called Netflix and Chill.

Even though after that many companies started to engage in streaming, Netflix still has a large market.

  1. YouTube

YouTube has changed how a person expresses himself through entertainment, education, music, politics and others. In fact, many artists and other famous people have joined in it.

Until now, perhaps YouTube’s position has not been replaced by various other video-based websites. Through the YouTube algorithm, this company has perfected recommendations for its users.

The changes aren’t limited to that, but YouTube is also providing a source of livelihood for many people who enjoy creating content. It’s become a new avenue for self-expression but also a source of income. Even YouTubers are now considered a career.

  1. Microsoft

The Microsoft company has changed the way people use computers and think. Microsoft is the company with the most significant share of operating systems and computer software.

Even its owner, Bill Gates, had occupied the richest man in the world for quite a long time, until he was displaced in 2017 by Jeff Bezos.

Microsoft’s dominance has penetrated into various software that runs on electronic devices. Even the existence of Microsoft Office has also changed the world of offices in data input.

Not only that, he also has professional social media, namely LinkedIn and video game company Xbox.

  1. Tesla

Tesla is a major company in the automotive world that changes the world to be easier through electric cars and autopilot. We may once have thought that self-driving cars were fiction, but Tesla has made it happen.

Even though its presence has not been accepted globally, they have conducted trials that autopilot mode cars are safe to use.

Even Tesla helps solve global problems regarding the pollution that fuel cars bring.

Those are some big companies that have succeeded in changing the world for the better. Some of them are certainly very close to your daily life.

The Influence of Oil Palm Plantation Companies on the Environment


Palm oil is the main commodity of plantations in Indonesia which is currently the main source of vegetable oil in the world. The rapid progress of the palm oil industry in Indonesia has both positive and negative impacts.

The positive impact is of course increasing the Indonesian economy, where the economic value of palm oil is high and competitive. The presence of this industry supports people’s lives, improves people’s welfare and creates jobs.

But in the midst of its significant role in terms of the economy and people’s welfare, this industry has considerable challenges, especially regarding environmental issues.

The expansion of oil palm lands eventually resulted in the conversion of forest lands, particularly peatlands. This can result in land damage or degradation, where this land gradually decreases its productivity.

Burning land when deforestation is carried out can also result in increased carbon emissions. This has an impact on increasing the greenhouse gas effect. Then it results in global warming.

Negative Impacts of Oil Palm Plantations on the Environment

For a more complete understanding, below are the negative impacts arising from the activities of oil palm plantation companies on the environment.

  1. Soil Erosion

When forests are cut down, the land loses vegetation that can protect it and makes it lose stability. Tree roots themselves can function as soil grippers. If the felling of trees is carried out, of course it disturbs the soil surface which can result in erosion.

If left continuously, the soil will be damaged and landslides can occur at any time. The soil will become less fertile, brittle, lose nutrients and barren. If the soil is swept into the water flow, it will cause silting of the river and sedimentation.

In addition, erosion can also result in the destruction of aquatic habitats and affect the ecosystems in the waters.

  1. Forest Damage

In making land for oil palm plantations, not a few forests are cut down, even logging is also carried out illegally. There is also talk that the oil palm plantation will be expanded to 26 hectares in 2025.

Whereas deforestation has the potential to cause emissions and greenhouse gases. This will be worse if there is a forest fire. Forests that are burned have the potential to release harmful gases that can affect human health and damage the ozone layer.

  1. Threatening Forest Ecosystems

Forest fires seriously threaten the forest ecosystem, including the animals in it. Deforestation causes animals to lose their habitat, get injured and even result in death.

In Indonesia, animals that are threatened when clearing land for oil palm include Sumatran tigers, orangutans, leopards, rhinos and others.

In addition, logging the forest will also place animals as targets for hunting. Roads built provide easy access for poachers to kill the animals or sell them on the illegal market. So do not be surprised if the population of Indonesia’s endemic animals is decreasing.

  1. Result in Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Forest burning is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest methods to clear land for oil palm plantations. Whereas burning forests can release carbon dioxide gas emissions and make it float up to the atmosphere.

  1. Resulting in Water Pollution

Soil erosion due to land clearing for oil palm can also threaten aquatic ecosystems. The use of chemicals and pesticides for oil palm can be carried by rainwater to rivers. Well, even though chemicals can damage the pH of the river which makes the water contaminated.

It can also put very sensitive animals at risk, as the chemicals can poison them.

Furthermore, river water will become cloudy, contain waste and brown. This is of course dangerous if the river flows to residential areas and then consumed, of course it is dangerous for health.

  1. Combustion Smoke is Dangerous to Health

The smoke produced from burning forests is very dangerous for health. This is because it has the potential to cause asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and chronic lung disease. Apart from that, you will also find it difficult to breathe, eye irritation, throat irritation to headaches. In fact, not a few who experience ISPA to the point of death.

That is information about the influence of the oil palm business on the environment. Not only for the environment, but also for human health and the ecosystem in it.

What Can We Learn From Indonesia’s Top Companies?

Indonesia is a country that has many companies engaged in various fields, which aim to meet the needs of the community. Both BUMN companies (State Owned Enterprises) or BUMS (Private Owned Enterprises).

Companies that have the best performance can of course add to the value of revenue and net profit with a fantastic total. The profit obtained is no joke, it can reach trillions of rupiah.

With this income, the company is very prosperous for its employees through high income and supporting facilities.

List of Top Indonesian Companies

Curious what companies are included in the top ranks in Indonesia? Let’s look at the following list.

  1. PT. Pertamina

Who doesn’t know Pertamina? Even every day you use the product, either in the form of fuel or gas. Pertamina is a company that has existed since 1957, where this company is engaged in oil production, exploration and gas.

Pertamina has a vision to become a world-class national energy company. Meanwhile, its mission is to run an oil, gas or new or renewable energy business through integration according to commercial principles.

Pertamina, as the largest state-owned company, managed to reap sales of up to 826.3 trillion rupiah. Meanwhile, the profit he earned was IDR 35.9 trillion in 2018.

  1. BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia)

BRI is a state-owned company that was founded in 1896. Where this bank specializes in small-scale and microfinance financing through credit or loans. Even his clients have reached 30 million retail owned by BRI.

In 2018, BRI managed to achieve revenue of IDR 808.9 trillion with a net profit of IDR 32.4 trillion. While in 2019 there was an increase in net profit to 34.4 trillion rupiah.

  1. BCA (Bank Central Asia)

BCA is the largest BUMS or privately owned company in Indonesia. This bank has been around since 1957 which is part of the Salim Group company. Currently, BCA is owned by the largest tobacco company Djarum.

BCA is a bank that has a variety of financial products that are constantly innovating. Even its loyal customers have been very numerous over the years because of its good reputation.

In 2018 BCA earned a profit of IDR 679.8 trillion with a net profit of IDR 25.9 trillion. Then in 2019 it managed to experience an increase in net profit to 28.6 trillion rupiah.

  1. Astra International

PT Astra International is a private company called a multinational conglomerate. Astra itself has been around since 1957 which originally had the name PT Astra International Incorporated.

This company is a company engaged in the automotive sector and is the largest company in Southeast Asia. In addition, Astra has also expanded its business into various sectors such as industry, trading, mining services, transportation, consulting services and agriculture.

Astra managed to get sales of IDR 239.21 trillion with a net profit of IDR 21.67 trillion in 2018 and 2019.

Things You Can Learn from Indonesia’s Top Companies

Some of the things you can learn from these top Indonesian companies can be a reference for starting a business.

1. Business Capabilities

Currently, business is the main target for many millennials today. They even started to open their business in accordance with the field of business they are interested in.

For those of you who are just going into business, you should be able to determine the type of business sector and the amount of capital to be issued as well as the target market. Also consider the location of the sale. These basic things can be an important foundation when opening a business.

2. Following the Development of the Age

If you still follow conventional methods, of course you will be far behind competitors who are one step ahead.

In the past, in doing business, it was certain that everything had a form or physical form, but now many have started to switch to the digital world.

You can learn how competition patterns are in the industrial world today, for example, marketplaces and various things related to the digital world have started to emerge. Even companies that sell physical forms are also innovating in the digital world.

You should not close your eyes to technological advances and the times, you must stay updated with this knowledge. Especially now that there is social media that makes it easier for you to market your products and advertisements.

3. Choose the Right Type of Business

Before you start a business, you should understand what type of business you are going to build. Determine your interests first, then follow various training programs, workshops, seminars or special classes about the business.

The various things that you learn can become provisions when opening a business. Because, you must be able to compete with competitors and the global industry to present quality products.

It is better to choose a type of business that has passed a SWOT Analysis in order to understand for sure whether the business is feasible or not for development. Also choose what suits your passion so that running it is easier.

4. Creative Innovation

Having intelligence and sufficient capital is not a guarantee that your business will run smoothly. Because, you must have creative thinking that is out of the box. Don’t be lazy in finding out about emerging trends and skyrocketing competitors. You also have to be open-minded and willing to accept criticism and suggestions so that the business can move forward.

That’s an explanation of the things you can learn from top Indonesian companies so that your business can grow, not just achieve targets.